Ignorant Racists Watch NBA Finals, Tweet

Peter Holt and the San Antonio Spurs are a class act. Period.

A great example is the Tuesday night NBA Finals game where they had young Sebastian de la Cruz from the west side of SA.

Sebastian did a wonderful job by any estimation.

Unfortunately, it is becoming sort of old hat that after large televised events we see the aggregated worst of America thanks to social media.

Last night’s worst devoted their attention to racial slurs about a 10 year-old and questions about his legal status.

Tonight’s SM display yanked my chain for a variety of reasons; I’ll take them in order.

First, there is nothing I despise more than internet tough guys who hide behind their accounts to say creepy stuff…except the entitled pieces of garbage that say creepy things about kids.

Two, only the most insecure and irrelevant attack children for any reason. If you bothered to stop acting like a child long enough to think of a child, perhaps you wouldn’t be quite so douchey.

Three, accuracy and fact no longer count in the public discourse, and that makes me mental. These maniacs now have an unlimited audience and reach, yet will likely not be held to account by their “friends” and/or “followers” for gross inaccuracies and misstatements.

As we saw with the President’s inauguration, social media gives a voice to the most extreme points of view that often offend. Language and sentiments that are not welcome in public discourse have found a home.

Social media cuts both ways. As it gives a voice to revolutions and activists, it gives a voice to mean-spirited racists.

We all have an obligation to hold our friends and those we follow or follow us accountable-both online and off. When you see something wrong, say something about it.

We will never eradicate ignorance, but we can work to effectively silence it by forcing it into such a small, dark corner that they do not pollute the rest of society.

I hazard to post the actual remarks, but I think publicly shaming these lowlifes is the best way to effect the behavior; we’ll call it negative reinforcement.




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7 responses to “Ignorant Racists Watch NBA Finals, Tweet

  1. Dayonne Mixon

    I can’t get it to link to the rest of the story. Are you trying to technologically confuse old ladies? I’ll need a personal link or step by step directions:)

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Well said Colin!!! ❤ you!!!

  3. Lorena

    Colin: the idea that such ignorance still exists is humiliating! No parent, in his right mind, would conscientiously make these type of comments. I pray that we teach our children the beauty and respect for cultural diversity! Thanks for being a voice of reason!

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