Inauguration Day: Hold On Tight

On General Election Day America buckled into a roller coaster some described as sad, scary, and a path to our very demise, as others described it as exciting, and just what we need…yet no one had seen it yet. 

We had no idea if there were loops, sharp turns, massive drops, or record-breaking speeds.

As we clicked towards the top of the first drop marked by Inauguration Day there were more unknowns than knowns, but a few things are certain: some of our fellow passengers will raise their hands in the air and welcome every twist and turn, some will cry out in fear, and some will be sickened.

What is also certain is that this roller coaster will end and regardless of the ride it takes us on or how we react during the ride, we will all survive. Then Americans will have to decide whether to get back in line and do it again or head for another ride.

Based on some of the President’s first actions (deleting sections from the White House website on LGBT, Civil Rights, and climate change…killing a plan to cut mortgage fees…adding the First Lady’s jewelry line to her section of a taxpayer-funded website) Americans of all persuasions have good cause to expect that the President will do exactly what he said he would during his improbable rise to power.

My best advice: Hold on tight.


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