The Case For Nancy Pelosi

Since 2006 she’s raised $1.5 BILLION for the DCCC, is the only woman to serve as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and in partnership with DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Lujan just led House Democrats back to the majority.

No one in the Democratic House caucus can match up to what current Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi offers and it is imperative that caucus members enthusiastically support her re-election as Speaker of the House.

Leader Pelosi is the only Californian to ever serve as Speaker. She would be the seventh Speaker to serve non-consecutive terms since the position was created in 1789, and only the second Speaker to serve non-consecutive terms on the past 100 years (the last being my fellow Texan Sam Rayburn who served as Speaker three different times).

After Democrats lost the majority in 2010 I penned a lengthy memo that was particularly critical of the then-Speaker’s management of the House, identified missed opportunities, and outlined a path forward that greatly reduced Pelosi’s role as the face of the caucus. Her staff cautioned against presenting her with the memo, but when she read it in front of a roomful of colleagues she largely agreed with my thoughts.

Rather than rejecting criticism and justifying, Pelosi embraced thoughtful critique and embraced some suggestions that were critical of her performance.

Unlike many politicians, Pelosi doesn’t have an ego. She wants those around her to be successful because she knows their success will feed her success, and that is a very valuable leadership trait.

Based on her experience of having fought her way into the majority, lost that majority, and then fought her way back, I believe that Leader Pelosi will manage our majority in such a way that we influence policy in a meaningful way, allow more transparency and liberalize the amendment and debate process, give newer/younger members more opportunities in leadership, and create an opportunity to sustain this majority for several cycles to come.

In the final analysis Democrats are faced with the daunting prospect pushing back against a battle-tested Republican Senate Majority and a Republican White House devoid of any adherence to normal standards of decency.

We absolutely must put our best players on the field and there is no argument present that Nancy Pelosi is anything in no less than the best prepared and best equipped player on our team.

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